The Independent SAGE report. COVID-19. 2020

The Independent SAGE. COVID-19: what are the options for the UK? Recommendations for government based on an open and transparent examination of the scientific evidence. 12 May 2020. download

Coronavirus crisis in Holyrood and Westminster

Pollock AM, Harding-Edgar L. Coronavirus crisis: underfunding, restructuring, privatisation and fragmentation at the heart of the crisis in Holyrood and Westminster. Scottish Centre on European Relations 23 Apr 2020. download

Covid-19: local implementation of tracing and testing programmes could enable some schools to reopen

Originally published as a letter in the BMJ, 24 March 2020: BMJ 2020; 368 doi:  As a public health physician, I am increasingly concerned about the apparent failure to implement fundamental public health measures to tackle the covid-19 outbreak—specifically, community contact tracing, clinical…

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