Health and Care Bill 2021-22

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Helen Buckingham and Mark Dayan (Asking the right questions on the health and care bill The Guardian letters 17 Dec 21) claim that our opinion piece of 7 December misunderstands some of the “basic points” of the Health and Care Bill. Would that they were correct.

The new Integrated Care Boards will not “serve 42 areas of England”, or any area. ICBs will serve – i.e., commission health services for – their members, as clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) do now. Their members will be allocated to them under rules made by NHS England without parliamentary process – unlike for CCGs.

The shift from area- to membership-based responsibility occurred under the 2012 Health and Social Care Act, though at least then parliament stipulated whom CCGs had to serve. One of the inevitable consequences of this shift would have been that a CCG only had to commission emergency services for its members, not for everybody present in the CCG’s area. After ‘the pause’ in the parliamentary progress of that legislation, the government brought forward an amendment to ensure that a CCG arranged emergency services “for every person present in its area”. That amendment became section 3(1C) of the NHS Act 2006. Clause 15 of the Health and Care Bill gets rid of section 3(1C) and so it will not be passed on to ICBs.

We are perplexed why your correspondents, as representatives of the Nuffield Trust, appear not to have grasped these “basic points”.

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