Coronavirus crisis in Holyrood and Westminster

Pollock AM, Harding-Edgar L. Coronavirus crisis: underfunding, restructuring, privatisation and fragmentation at the heart of the crisis in Holyrood and Westminster. Scottish Centre on European Relations 23 Apr 2020. download

Privatisation & marketisation

Pollock AM. Think Carillion is bad? Wait until you see what the government wants to do with the NHS. New Statesman. 18 Jan 2018 Filippon J, Giovanella L, Konder M, Pollock AM. ‘Liberalizing’ the English National Health Service: background and…

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NHS reforms

NHS – values and reinstatement Private finance initiative & public private partnerships Privatisation & marketisation Globalisation Beds in the NHS Primary care & general practice Long term care & community care NHS information & data Health services in Scotland Accountable…

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Health services in Scotland

Kirkwood G, Pollock AM, Howie C, Wild S. NHS Scotland reduces the postcode lottery for hip arthroplasty: an ecological study of the impact of waiting time initiatives. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. 2014;107(6):237-45 download Godden S, Hilton S,…

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