Doctors in Unite letter: covid-19 screening in Liverpool. 2020

Doctors in Unite letter to Pollock, Brooks, Harding-Edgar, et al in support of their concerns with respect to COVID “screening” in Liverpool. To:Allyson PollockAnthony J BrooksLouisa Harding-EdgarAngela E. RaffleStuart HogarthCC: Dr Ashton, Director of Public Health, Liverpool. Dear Colleagues, Doctors…

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Covid-19: local implementation of tracing and testing programmes could enable some schools to reopen

Originally published as a letter in the BMJ, 24 March 2020: BMJ 2020; 368 doi:  As a public health physician, I am increasingly concerned about the apparent failure to implement fundamental public health measures to tackle the covid-19 outbreak—specifically, community contact tracing, clinical…

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Public health and PFI. 1998

Pollock AM, Gaffney D, Dunnigan M. Public health and the private finance initiative. J Public Health. 1998 Jan 3;20(1):1–2. download

In defence of the NHS. 2011

McKee M, Pollock AM, Clarke A, et al. In defence of the NHS: why writing to the House of Lords was necessary. BMJ 2011;343:d6535–d6535. download: BMJ_2011_McKee_InDefenceOfTheNHS